UNIHA is a water treatment specialist. Every project is defined by the raw water available and the product to be delivered, every project is implemented in accordance with the specific circumstances. We can achieve the optimum approach.

Properties of water

  • General physical and biological properties of water
  • Composition and behaviour of raw water: waste water, seawater, groundwater/brackish water, surface water
  • Product requirements: potable water, treated and safe effluent, process water (boiler feed, cooling, ultrapure…), reused water (irrigation, process water, potable)

Process & unit operations/mechanical equipment

  • Chemical conditioning, dosing
  • Reactors: mixing, flocculation, absorption/desorption (Cl scrubber, strippers/de-aerators), heat exchangers, filter vessels
  • Sedimentation, thickening
  • Filtration, membrane separation:
    • Sand, anthracite, adsorbents (activated carbon, MnO2…)
    • Screens, fabrics, deep-filters/cartridges, “filter inserts”
    • Membranes (micro-, ultra-, nano-filtration, electrodialysis, reverse osmosis, forward osmosis, pervaporation/distillation, gas permeation)
  • Pumps, energy recovery, hydraulic systems (pipelines, tanks, water hammer prevention)
  • Dewatering: centrifuges, presses, bags, drying beds/evaporation ponds)
  • Evaporation, crystallization, drying
  • Biological reactors:
    • Activated sludge systems
    • Anaerobic digesters, UASB
    • Biofilters
  • Energy production & storage:
    • Digestion, waste to energy
    • Gas engines, heat production
    • Autarchic systems: wind, PV, energy storage

Electrics, automation & control

  • Electric equipment
  • Instrumentation
  • SCADA systems