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UNIHA is an internationally recognized specialist in the field of water and waste water technology. Since its foundation in 1979 the company engineers and supplies completely integrated solutions that help industry and communities all over the world to conserve, protect and manage the world's limited water resources today and for the future.

The UNIHA portfolio includes consulting, design, engineering, construction, delivery, installation and erection of the plants supplied to the extent required. UNIHA solutions are based on the customer’s individual requirements and specifications, the product needed and the quality of the available raw water.
The product line-up embraces tailor-made and standardized reverse osmosis plants for the desalination of sea and brackish water, water treatment plants for ground, surface and industrial water, and waste water treatment plants.

Worldwide, UNIHA delivers a convincing performance for satisfied customers in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

UNIHA water processing can be used not only for drinking water but also for industry, such as food, oil & gas, petrochemical, steel, mining, cement, pulp & paper. For this reason, UNIHA is the partner of many companies and municipalities.

The UNIHA team consists of highly motivated engineers with many years of experience in water treatment technology and project implementation. Our strategy is not to be bigger, but better. Thanks to the continuous process of extended training, teamwork and customer focus combined with the further development of the products, we are able to offer an optimized solution to every customer.

UNIHA is certified according to EN ISO 9001:2015. The quality management system is based on the new requirement of this international standard.